An Introduction about the awaited Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al Yemeni:

A call and an announcement to return to Allah’s book (Quran): to all people, Muslims, Christians, Jews and to all religions on earth, also to the ones who received this call they should know that they have been notified, and they have no argument against Allah, and with Allah is the far-reaching argument, so do not deny this call unless you search and discern.

  • Allah has sent the Awaited Mahdi, the last successor on earth, and he is not a prophet nor a messenger, but a supporter to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and he calls people to what all prophets called for; to worship only Allah without associating any one with Him, and to return to Allah’s book (Quran), which is protected from distortion.
  • The proof of Al Imam Al Mahdi and his insight:

It is the same proof that prophet Mohammad (PBUH) invited to, which is; the holy Quran and the true Sunnah, to unify Muslims and to arbitrate between them through Allah’s book and to explain to all worlds many realities from Quran in fact, and to invite them to Islam.

  • The proof of his caliphate:

“His science”: as Allah, has gifted him the science of Quran (Al Bayan), he defeats every one argues with him from Quran, for the science is the proof of caliphate in every time and place from the first successor of Allah “Adam” to the last successor “Al Imam Al Mahdi”.

Al Imam Al Mahdi:

  • He is neither Sunni nor Shiite but Muslim Hanif (inclining toward truth) exactly like the prophets and the messengers, and he clarifies the verses of Quran (Ayat) from the Quran itself.
  • He calls for the peaceful coexistence between all nations of human beings and he warns them that they are in the era of the major indications of Judgement day and in the era of the righteous clarification (Bayan) of the Quran.
  • He calls to return to Allah’s book the holy Quran which is protected against distortion that happened to the other divine books, and also calls to disbelieve all that opposes the holy Quran in Torah, Gospel and the Sunnah; i.e: all that opposes the holy Quran in fact, belongs to source other than Allah, it belongs to Lucifer. Al Imam Al Mahdi explained this idea in many of his statements.
  • He calls Muslims to stop fighting, and go for peace completely, and to throw away the sectarianism as it is discrimination in religion which is associating others with Allah. Al Imam Al Mahdi explained this idea in many of his statements.
  • He clarifies to all Muslims the truth about the name of the awaited Mahdi from the holy Quran and the Sunnah, he explains the meaning of coincidence and the wisdom that the name of the awaited Mahdi in hadeeth coincides with the name of prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The awaited Mahdi explained that in his statements.
  • He clarifies the truth about “Allah’s greatest name” from the holy Quran, the name that carries the wisdom of creating the whole servants. The awaited Mahdi explained that in his statements.
  • He calls people to be pious scholars, worshiping Allah for they love Him, not for His paradise and he calls them to make Allah’s pleasure their “purpose” not their “means” for paradise, because Allah has created them for Himself and created the paradise for them.
  • He calls people to leave the belief of intercession “Shafa’a”, as no one is more merciful than Allah the all merciful, to Allah belongs intercession entirely, His mercy intercedes to servants from His punishment. He clarifies for them the secret of intercession from the holy Quran.
  • He calls people to love Allah with the greatest love and compete to gain His love and nearness and not to leave this love exclusively neither for prophets nor for righteous, as we are all servants of Allah, and to not glorify the prophets or the righteous. The awaited Mahdi has a statement about that, he explained it from the holy Quran.
  • He clarifies from the holy Quran the truth about the liar messiah, who is he – Where he lives – his armies and the time of his appearance in this era.
  • He clarifies the secrets and the mysteries of Quran from Quran itself; like the meaning of the separated letters in Quran and the secrets of counting; like who are the companion of the cave and inscription; their names, their number, the place of their cave, also the truth of “Dabbah”, Dhul- Qrarnayn and his story, the paradise of Adam and its place, and the villages of Aad and Thamud. You will find that all he said is true, as these secrets are the witnesses of belief for this holy Quran.
  • He clarifies from the holy Quran about the structure of this universe, its shape, its boarders, the beginning of its creation, how its end will be, the center of universal gravity, sphericity of earth, and the place of the seven planets, and the place of paradise and Hell. He argues from Quran, the western scholars with their different domains to know that all he says is true in science and logic in order to know and believe that the Quran is from Allah The Knowing, The Acquainted.
  • He warns people from planet Saqar, which appears to humans from era to era, and clarifies from the holy Quran that it is a planet located in space in which they call it the tenth planet (Nibiru), the planet that (NASA) hides its existence, Allah will kill with its fire all the turners away from following the reminder and responding to the call of His successor the awaited Mahdi, that Allah will manifest him over all humans in the night of the appearance of Saqar and they will be debased.

So, don’t say that this is a lie before you discern and return to Allah to show you the truth.

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