Oh people I am the true awaited Imam Mahdi send from your Lord and damnation of God is on the liars. Those who fabricate on their Lord what is not authorized by him

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Oh people I am the true awaited Imam Mahdi send from your Lord and damnation of God is on the liars. Those who fabricate on their Lord what is not authorized by him
In the name of God the Merciful the beneficent and prayers and peace to all of God’s prophets and messengers of the book from the first of them to last of them Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, O ye who believe send out prayers to Allah on them and their purified families and submit to them in total obedience to them and do not make any exclusion to any of the messenger and respond to their call to worship Allah alone with no partner. True to the words of God:
Surely this Islam is your religion, one religion (only), and I am your Lord, therefore serve Me.true is Allah almighty
surah Al-anbea, verse 92
O servants of God comply to the call of the inviter to Allah and worship Allah alone and join none partners with Him, one Muslim scholars may wish to to say: “Hey Nasser Mohammad al-Yamani do you see us worship idols? But we do worship Allah alone with no partner.” Then Imam Mahdi will answer and say: Listen,to you I swear by Almighty God that you who are putting pressure on their foreheads in prostration in order for a prostration mark to appear in your forehead and your goal is to be seen by people having the mark of prostration in your forehead;then, you become one of those who associate partners with Allah from those who practice duplicity -those favor to be seen by people; a sustained form of deception which consists in entertaining or pretending to entertain of feelings worship Allah, and thier act is influenced by wanting to grab people attention; then you have made association in the worship of God. With the exception that the mark of prostration appears in your forehead unintentionally and not deliberately ; in this case, we do not want to do injustice to sincere worshipers of God, those who some of them the mark of prostration appears in their foreheads unintentionally , but my advice to them is to try to not let the prostration mark to appear, it is better for them and more steadfast.
O servants of Allah, do you think that the devil only invites you to worship idols in order for you to associate partners with God? But he excite you into the trap by all trick and means, either for it to be in any act of hypocrisy, or any act of exaggeration in the prophets after the ratification in them, or exaggeration over-the imams of the Book after being obidents followers, or making any one of you to spend whereit seems upfront to people he is spending it for the sake of God; but he knows that he has spent it in duplicity ,for he is looking to have people to say that he is a spender in the way of Allah; So, he fell in the association to Allah by duplicity which has occurred in the trap of spending with hypocrisy, then it is not acceptable to God and his deed will be dust in the winds(worthless). In assertion to the words of Allah:
264) O Believers, do not spoil your charity by taunts and injury to the recipients like the one who practises charity to be seen by men, while he neither believes in Allah nor in the Last Day. His charity may be likened to the rainfall on a rock which had only a thin layer of soil upon it. When heavy rain fell on it, the whole of the soil washed away and the rock was left bare Such people do not gain the reward they imagine they have earned by their seeming charity; Allah does not show the Right Way to the ungrateful . (true is Allah word(Surah Albaqara
One of the sincere servants of Allah may wish to say: “O Imam Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani, I’m afraid to be among those who are spending their money in front of people in adulation.” And then Imam Mahdi reply and say: What is the cause of your fear that you are among those who spend their money in front of people in dissimulation? And then he will respond to me and say: “because I am spending my money in front of people for God’s sake or to create a well-underway or to construct a road or charitable project or to help the needy and payoff the debtors or to support and uphold the word of God, and the reason of my fear is clear because I do these acts publicly and then I feel I am insincere, so I am in fear of being a hypocrite and my good deeds are not accepted. ” then Imam Mahdi will reply and say: in contrary, in contrary, and I swear to the Lord of the earth and the heavens you are among the faithful worshipers of God those who are sincere in the worship of their lord. The proof of your sincerity in worship is the distress you have in your heart that your deed is not accepted, and I hereby present to you the Fatawa(verdict) from Allah about those people with distressed hearts that their deeds are not accepted when they meet their lord in the day of judgment due to the fear that their deeds where done in adulation and not for the sake of Allah. And God said:
:57) Those who feel the fear of their Lord; *51
*51) That is, they do not live a carefree life devoid of the fear of God. They live in awe of Him and are fully conscious that He oversees and watches them in all their motives and actions and they are thus deterred from thinking and doing evil.
  8) who believe in the Signs of their Lords *52
*52) “Signs” here means both Divine Revelations to the Prophets and the signs found in man’s own self and in the universe around him. To believe in the verses of the Book is to affirm them, and to believe in the signs of human self and the universe is to affirm the realities which they point to.
59) who do not associate anyone with their Lord; *53
*53) Though belief in the Revelations itself engrains the doctrine of Tauhid in the hearts, yet the believers have been warned to guard against shirk. This is because, in spite of believing in the Revelations, man is inclined to commit shirk in one form or the other, for instance, in exaggerating the teachings of the Prophets and righteous people, supplicating and serving others than Allah, etc.
60) who give whatever they give, and whose hearts are filled with awe by the very idea that they shall have to return to their Lord: *54
*54) This verse (60) may be elaborated like this: “They serve their Lord and try their best to obey Him and do righteous deeds, but alI along they remain humble in their hearts and are not puffed up with the pride of their piety: nay, in spite of all their good deeds, their hearts are always filled with awe that they shall have to render an account to their Lord, and they are not sure whether they will come out successful in the judgment of their Lord or not.”
61) they indeed are the people, who work for their true welfare and try to be the first to attain it,
(true is Allah word(surah Almumnoon
The Fatawa(verdict) by the messenger of Allah Mohammed peace and blessing upon him and his family is given in same token as the verdict by Imam Mahdi taken from the great holy Quran and narriated as follows:
Narrated ‘Abdur-Rahman bin [Sa’eed bin] Wahb – that is Al-Hamdani:
that ‘Aishah the wife of the Prophet () said: “I asked about the Messenger of Allah () about this Ayah: And those who give that which they give with their hearts full of fear… (23:60)” ‘Aishah said: “Are they those who drink Khamr and steal?” He said: “No, O daughter of As-Siddiq. They are those who fast, perform Salat, give charity while they fear that their Lord will not accept it from them: It is these who hasten to do good deeds, and they are the foremost of them (23:61).”
Do not be afraid, O faithful worshipers of God, the cause of your fear is when you found people saw your deeds as you are doing them publicly then you feared that your actions are done in duplicity. In the contrary, do not be afraid, and I swear by Allah that if you were among those who do their good deeds in adulation you would not have felt distress for your work not to be accepted,because people who work for adulation they do not carry any distress in their heart that their work might not be accepted by Allah because they are looking for people praise and they do good deeds In order for people to say, oh he is “a generous person” and) It has been said!. Then, Allah would make his deeds vanish as smoke or to disappear as dust in a strong windy day. So fear Allah , oh people who work for adulation and their concern is to get people praise them in their good deeds and they never like to do any of their good deeds, instead they like to do their good deeds in public continuously. But faithful sincere servants of Allah likes to do their good deeds in secret and in public to i encourage people to do the good deeds and to set example for others to follow, and they are sincere to Allah and Allah accepts their work, they shall have no fear and they will not be saddened.
O assembly of Muslim scholars and their leaders and all the people, I am Imam Mahdi-the divinely guided leader- Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani, Allah did not send me to you as a a prophet or a messenger; but Allah Has appointed me for the people as an imam(leader), and he had given me the knowledge of the book the great holy Quran to teach you a knowledge you have not known, and to give you the ruling for all your disputes. We are going to unify the human race to be one rank against the enemy Antichrist(false messiah) with his army of devilish demons(jinns), devilish humans, and Gog and Magog fear Allah and obey me, that ye may be from among the thriving winners.
And perhaps the ignorants, those who follow but in a blind following, would say: “Hey Nasser Mohammed Yamani you are an evil bouncer and you are not the awaited Mahdi, do you not know that it had been received in narration that the Mahdi does not say that he is the Mahdi; In the contrary Scholars are the ones who will know he is the Mahdi and they will point to him his ranked position among them;They will say to him that you are the Mahdi,but the Mahdi is going to deny that he is, then they will force him to accept and they will give him the pledge of allegiance unwillingly? so my comment to this narration, I The Imam Mahdi and in respond to those ignorant fools and say: Who gave you the verdict of you are the one who will choose from among yourselves the Khalifa of Allah(successor of Allah on earth) AL-Mahdi(the guided ruler) and you claim to show him who he is?How did you know yourselves that this person is the guided ruler-imam Mahdi- the successor of Allah who Allah have made him to be the imam of the messengers of Allah, the messiah Jesus son of Mary prayers on him and his mother and the family of Emran and I submit with firmness in submission to this recognition. Do not you use your mind and think? how would you choose the successor of Allah-khalifat Allah- without Allah points him out for you, exalted and beneficent the majesty of Allah. As it is asserted in saying of Allah almighty:
And your Lord creates and chooses whom He pleases; to choose is not theirs; glory be to Allah, and exalted be He above what they associate (with Him).(surah Alqasaus,verse68)
Perhaps one of those Shiite scholars- twelve imams sect- would like to say: “Hey Nasser Mohammed , you were right about your verdict(fatawa) and we do not believed as well that the awaited imam Mahdi will not know he is imam Mahdi and that scholars are the ones who are going to say that he is the awaited imam Mahdi as it’s being narrated in th Sunni narration books. But we the Shiites of the twelve imams’ we believe that the awaited imam Mahdi when he arrives he shall say to the people that he is the awaited imam Mahdi. Then, I would reply to the assembly of those Shiites of the twelve imams’ and say: you were right and wrong at the same time; well, you were right that you have testified with the true tenet that Mahdi will say to the people he is the Mahdi but then you lied to yourselves and choose the imam Mahdi from among yourselves with choice that Allah have not given you any proof of it’s legitimacy; then, if you are honest in your claim do show the proof of his knowledge and the remnants of his actions to show that you were saying the truth about him? I know that the Sunnis speak against you with false accusations where you think that Imam Mahdi is somewhere hidden in a cave , while your believe is that imam Mahdi was in a cave and then he left that cave since along time, and there are amongst you who fabricate stories of actually meeting him and that they have even talked to him…and they are lairs. Nevertheless,it’s among you who meet a devilish entity who is blocking you from the straight path of Allah but he let them to believe that they are on the straight path while the fact is they are not. O Shiite of the 12th imams’, do not call upon the awaited imam Mahdi where you should be calling only Allah, although there are amongst you who Allah bestow his mercy on them, those who do not call no one but Allah and do not bring about a partner to Allah. So to those who I addressing,of not calling anyone but Allah,those who call upon the graves of the imams’ as to have their intercession oblivious to the fact by doing such actions that are not in the straight path. They call on them, though they do not listen on their graves,even if they where capable of listening they will not be able to respond back to you,and on judgment day they will blasphemy your association of them to Allah. asserted by the saying of Allah Almighty
If you call on them they shall not hear your call, and even if they could hear they shall not answer you; and on the resurrection day they will deny your associating them (with Allah); and none can inform you like the One Who is Aware. true is Allah the great
(surah fatir,verse 14)
Although I am the the awaited divinely guided person(the awaited imam Mahdi,the twelve imam from the cleansed house of the prophet(cleansed from associating partner to Allah);but I am not of you in anyway till you worship Allah alone and you do not associate anything to him, and you respond to the call for having the holy Quran as the arbitrator for your man made narration books, except few narration are true, the call for having the Holy Quran to screen these books. and do not think that Ahlu Alsunnah and their branched sects are far from you(that they too associate partners to Allah), well, there are not far in the regard that they believe in intercession of the created beings before the hands of creator, so the devil lead them into shirk(associatin partners to Allah) except a few of them, to be fair and not to transgress over those from ahlu alsunnah who do not associate any partners to Allah, so,I meant those who are waiting for the intercession of prophet Mohamed before the hands of Allah, I bare witness those who are waiting for such intercession are Mushriks(associating partners to Allah) and they will not find any one apart from Allah to be an adherer or an executor for them.
and, O yee Shiites and the Sunnis and all polytheists in various doctrines of Islamic groups and sects who believe by the intercession of the slaves in the hands of God the one to be worshiped, hearken to your Lord invitation to invoke the Great Qur’an to be the arbitrator, if you are truly believe in it. And I know what’s your argument will be if you were to attended the calling, you will argue with Imam Mahdi from homologous verses in the Quran pertaining”intercession to be lawful act”, but it’s because aberration of your hearts due to (shirk), therefore you would leave the arbitrator verses of the book which are evident clear verses and these are from among the Mother of all verses of the holy book, these verses denies the intercession slaves under the hands of God who is the one to be worshiped. God Almighty said:
7) It is He Who has revealed the Book to you. Some of its verses are absolutely clear and lucid, and these are- the mother verses- core of the Book Others are ambiguous.Those in whose hearts there is perversity, always go about the part which is ambiguous, seeking mischief and seeking to arrive at its meaning arbitrarily, although none knows their true meaning except Allah. On the contrary, those firmly rooted in knowledge say: ‘We believe in it; it is all from our Lord alone. No one derives true admonition from anything except the men of understanding.
Surah Al-imran, verse 7
As to what are these arbitrary verses from amongst the mother verses that denies the intercession of the slaves under the hands of God the one worthy of worship, is as follows in the saying of Allah almighty:
254) O Believers, spend of the wealth We have bestowed upon you (in Our way) before the Day comes when there shall be no buying and no selling: when neither friendship nor intercession will be of any avail. Those, who adopt the way of disbelief are indeed the wrongdoers.
Surah Albaqara-verse264
51) And warn with this (revealed message) those who fear that they shall be mustered to their Lord, that there will be none apart from Allah to act as their protector and intercessor; then maybe they will become God-fearing.
surah AlAnaam,verse 51
70) Leave alone those who have made a sport and a pastime of their religion and whom the life of the world has beguiled. But continue to admonish them (with the Qur’an) lest a man should be caught for what he has himself earned for there shall neither be any protector nor intercessor apart from Allah; and though he may offer any conceivable ransom it shall not be accepted from him, for such people have been caught for the deeds that they have themselves earned. Boiling water to drink and a painful chastisement to suffer for their unbelief is what awaits them
Surah Alanam,verse70
4) It is AllahWho created the heavens and the earth and all that is between the two, in six days, and then He established Himself on the Throne. You have no guardian or intercessor other than He. Will you, then, not take heed? *
surah alsajda,verse4
true are the words of Allah almighty
I know the arguments of those who are aberration in their heart , those who associate partners to Allah who have the creed of intercession of the slaves of Allah under the hands of the one to be worshiped. These individuals will not follow the clear arbitrator verses that reject such intercession entirely and in details, but they are going to follow the homologous verses that mention intercession in similar fashion but not necessarily in function for it’s judgment appear to be against what the arbitrary verses ruling. how could you follow the seemingly homologous verses, when it is these verses shall have interpretations, and you leave arbitrary verses that are clear and lucid to every one, a scholar or even a lay man.
Whatever the case, unfortunately that in the Muslim the consensus is equivalent of almost 90% or more who believe the intercession of slaves under the hands of the God who is worthy of worship. Then they have associated partners to Allah and they will not find apart from Almighty God to be an adherer or an executor for them. Allah have send an Imam(guided leader) imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad al-Yamani to bring out people the worship of people to the worship of God who is worthy of worship. So, answer to the call of resorting to the Book of Allah,the Glorious Quran; that if ye faithful believers truly believe in it. and follow the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger right, but God commanded to sit Koran great when you find the exclusion of other books, both in the Torah or the Bible or in the works books Sunnah, when you find them having contradiction to the great arbitrator Quran,Here Allah commanded to hold fast to the great book of God’s Holy quran and rejects what ever violates it’s arbitrate verses , then you will be guided to the straight path. Therefore, answer to the call of resorting to the Book of Allah the majestic holy Quran as the arbitrator and by Allahs’ well I am going to show you the straight path of honorable and commendable Allah.
your brothern IMam Nassir Mohammed Al-yamani

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