The Best of the Best of People

The Best of the Best of People

In the name of Allah/God the most merciful the most benevolent, peace be upon all the messengers and most thanks to Allah/God, Lord of the two worlds.
Peace be upon you “Um El Bushra” and on all the followers before the day of appearance in the time of discussion before the time of appearance, those who saw the truth in the message and those who Allah/God has appointed to share this matter.
The position of the aware ones amongst you, is great my dear followers, I swear by Allah/God if I did not fear for you a possible temptation, I would have told you of your true position, the position of the aware ones of my followers amongst nations on the day of appearance.
This is because the highest of worship and most superior degree is the worship of your lord, and the most honored of people are the muslims, and the most honored of the muslims are the believers, and the most honored of the believers are the pious ones, and the most honored of the pious ones are the good doers and the most honored of the good doers are the close ones to Allah and the most honored of the close ones of Allah/God are the divine servants of Allah/God, and the most honored of the divine servants of Allah/God are those who love him and whom he loves, the dear ones to Allah/God, lord of the two worlds, those who denied themselves heaven and so they were gathered together as the most honored ones, and they are told; your lord has promised you in the book, for the pious worshipers you will be pleased. Then when you denied the pleasure of heaven your imam said: we want the greatest pleasure, your true promise, and you are the most merciful of all, then their lord says: you have spoken the truth, this is why I have created you, these are the ones that are admired by the prophets and the martyrs but most of them do not know.
Most people have been exaggerating and magnifying the prophets and leaving the means to come closer to Allah/God and to love him more, leaving this matter to them, therefore most people belief while taking partners to Allah, even thought prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) had advised them of the truth, if only they were thoughtful enough.
‏إن لله عبادا ليسوا بأنبياء ولا شهداء يغبطهم النبيون والشهداء يوم القيامة بقربهم ومجلسهم من ربهم
“For Allah/God there are servants who are not prophets or martyrs, admired by the prophets and the martyrs on judgement day, due to their closeness of their seat to Allah/God” – HADITH

From the Koran I can proof their degree with their lord. The aware ones of my followers; your love to Allah/God is greater than everything, you have competed in loving him and coming closer to him and enjoying his greatest pleasure within him, do not ever make the prophets and the awaited mahdi a means between you and Allah/God so Allah/God does not lower your degree. May he cleanse your hearts from taking partners with Allah/God.
You are the ones whose hearts have gathered in loving Allah/God even when you do not know each other, being from different places in the world. Soon Allah/God will gather you with the Awaited Imam Mahdi and you will come from different places. You have responded to the invitation to achieve the greatest pleasure, the pleasure of making Allah/God pleased with his servants, which is greater than heaven, and this is why he created you. So may you find stability for I swear by Allah/God the one and only God, no one can deceive or tempt those who know the truth of the greatest name of Allah/God, which is the description of him being pleased within him of his servants, you have known that this is the truth that this is truly the greatest pleasure, greater than his heaven no doubt, and this is because you became aware of this while you are still in this world. Those are the ones who value their lord truly and correctly.
If anyone would tell them: give up one atom’s worth of your love to Allah/God and in return, you shall posses and own all the heaven and earth in this life and in the next, he will reject all of this and preferred to keep that extra atom’s worth of love for Allah/God, and being so close to Allah/God, and strive to make Allah/God pleased with all his creation. Those are the ones who valued Allah/God truly and correctly. You will know their news the day people stand up for their Lord. I do not know except a few of them, some of whom have received glad tidings.
Peace be on all the messengers and all thanks goes to Allah/God
Your brother Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohamed ELyemeni

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