Questions of Al-Lahout and the faith and the doctrine with the Christians in the Messiah Jesus son of Mary

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Questions of Al-Lahout and the faith and the doctrine with the Christians in the Messiah Jesus son of Mary
questions among Christians in Jesus Christ the son of Mary .. (God the Father, is the father of the Holy Trinity, a father of each believers.
is divine who did not see one. It was reported in (Jn 1:18) “God no one has seen. The only Son, who is in the bosom of the Father is the news,” which gave a news story about it. We do not see the father, but we see in his son, who incarnation and became the body as a human being (in 2: 7,8) Therefore, all Thorat in the Old Testament, the Son. Because the father had not seen a cat.) theology and faith and belief questions how to be Christ man then Tabdonh and say that he god ?! Is Jesus said I am the God Aabdona ?! Answer: If Christ is the word of God, it necessarily carries the attributes of God because similar list between God and His Word. If the light of the sun has the characteristics of the sun, and the Word was born of the mind bear the characteristics of the mind. This is how God’s word carries the attributes of God because it is born of him and it was originally based. God was essentially spiritual and material far from unlimited and ubiquitous and everlasting and eternal. The appearance in the person of Christ in the flesh of St. Mary is something in the time of his accident this world for a specific message to humanity is the message of salvation. Violin that did not limit the incarnation of His divinity did not change from the divine qualities, because theology is not limited and attributes do not change. If it was God’s word carries the attributes of God is the image of God. For as the born of the human mind word is the mirror image of the mind that her son dish. Anyone who wants to see the mind sees in his speech, because it may shut up human moment and do not know what is going on in his mind, but once it is clear innermost speak his mind and hide inside it. Therefore, it can be judged right mind or lack thereof of human speech. This is how the word of God is the image of God, and sees God may be like a saw. This is what Reine in Christ according to the book testimony that the image of God (message Philippians 2: 6) (You’ll find the full text of the Bible here at the site of Saint Takla). Though the word of God is the image of God in truth it represents a person of God as well, but as one with him, and not as one of the Jealousy. It is also to say that sunlight represents the sun because it is born of them and separate them. We say the word it represents the mind because it is born of it and separate it, so the word of God tell him that he is a person of God because it is born of him and separate him and one with him, and one with God, the God, and God is born of God. If there is no dust on to say that the God of Jesus Christ. This is the first clarification of the divinity of Jesus Christ. This article Moved of Saint Takla Church site. This is decided by the Bible in saying, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, all things were made ​​by him .. and the world was done, the world did not know .. And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory” (John 1: 1-14). In Surat Al-Imran Koran says this same meaning “as the angels said: O Mary, God Ibcrk word in its name Jesus.” There is no more of this confirmation of the divinity of Jesus Christ! The second explanation is the fact that besides the spiritual essence, as the word of God and enjoined the divine qualities, there is also the fact that the work of miracles and miracles. It is the same God works. Christ his glory showed his power to give life instituting the dead, and showed his ability as a creator when creating eyes from the mud of the born blind, and when creating a wine from the water and from the five loaves and two fish food for fifteen thousand people, and showed his power to heal souls and bodies .. and he showed his power on the demons .. etc. as well as his judgment of human beings on Sultan sends people from graves in Doomsday, which is the Day of Judgment. It is known that the judgment is the Sultan of God alone .. and the whole world coming again from heaven, waiting for the judgment of all human beings. When we think about the person of Christ confirmed the book certificate we can see a lot of different elements and texts that emphasize and demonstrate his divinity. For example, there Messianic prophecies like what came in (Psalm 2: 7-12), who speaks of him as the Son of God. (Psalm 110: 1) announced by the anguish (Psalm 45: 6, Isaiah 9: 6) talks about that God and there are educational texts like (John 1: 1.14) speaks of Christ as the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.(Philippians 2: 5-1) talking about that “image of God” (Hebrews 1: 2-3, Colossians 1:15) declares that “Baha glory of God and draw its essence, and upholding all things by word of his power” (Hebrews 1: 8) declare all daring that he is God. (1 Timothy 3:16) asserts that “God was manifest in the flesh” (Mark 2:27, Luke 5:20, John 11: 43 – 44) all this evidence the privilege of witnessing the divinity of Christ. It also redefines Saturday and the forgiveness of sins and raise the dead. In addition to the resurrection of the flesh, the statements he declares the “Onaho” give us a clearer assurances and proof of his divinity. In these words he reveals himself from God incarnate. With the help of the Apostle John, who recorded the same Lord Jesus’ words as an eyewitness and with some theologians known I try to provide this truth. I start to register the obvious purpose of Bashir John in the writing of the Gospel of Christ in (20: 30 – 31) and decides John clearly “and many other signs Jesus before his disciples did not written in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name. ” Thus we see two goals for John: First, reveals and explains that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. Second, he wants people to know the true divinity of Christ “so that believing you may have life in His name.” And now I would like to draw attention for the first goal and the primary to John. As we have seen John is trying to prove that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world (John 4:42). In his attempt to score many things that will help him to do so. Like John the Baptist certificate with him (1: 29-32 – 36) and the Samaritan woman (4: 39-42) Jesus (8:13 – 14) and God Himself (8: 17.12: 28-30) All of this gives us a description of his life and his mission and his works and his words and his death and resurrection. John also recorded various miracles that Jesus performed. And John, alone among all the Gospels, which gives a description of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, which shed light on the meaning of a message miracles carried out by Christ. In the Sermon on the Mount some of his words that begin with “I am the” like “Christ, I am the little bread of life” (6:35) “I am the resurrection and the life.” And the rest of the statements occurred during his discussions with the people (John 8:12) and the Pharisees (10: 7 – 9 – 11) and with pupils (14: 6.15: 1) and the other thing I would like to draw your readers look to him is the Greek words translated ” it’s me “. And it says, “Leon Morris,” The Jesus uses these emphatic words “I am” in order to mention the important teachings about the same. In Greek actor does not write Function: The formula describes the act of the perpetrator is. But if we want to confirm the actor when we use the right of conscience. What makes this important is in the Gospel of John we see a similar use in the Greek translation of the Old Testament. Where we find translators use the confirmation in the speech when crossing the formula for words uttered by God. When Jesus used the expression “I am” It speaks format divinity There is agreement among scientists studying the Gospel of John that this kind of God is an important indicator of what he wants to tell us about John the person of Jesus. (1) In other words, when Jesus used the expression “I am,” he was referring to his divinity and John was doing the same thing when he scored the sayings of Jesus. He says, “Maurice,” that there are two groups in the words of “I am the” group by the Debutante and the other without it. Commenting on this, saying: “Both Turkepen unusual” and quotes what he said “c. E. Bernard,” and then say, “This is clearly a method to express his divinity …” (2) and examine the two sets of statements of “I am the” I would like to follow the example. ” Morris “and the oldest former group first and the last second. “I am the bread of life” of the first and most important sayings of Jesus that begins “I am” and mentioned in the Gospel of John (6:35) “I am the bread of life” has Christ said this to say after the saturation of the masses. During his statements said to them, “Do not look for food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life, which gives you the Son of Man” (6:27). While Christ was trying to urge them to faith in Him faced a challenge to make it clear to them who is “Faye verse made ​​to see and believe in you? (Number 30) then added:” Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, as it is written: He gave them bread from heaven to eat “(number 31) They are so they indicate clearly that Moses gave them manna because Christ continued to correct the erroneous conception. He said, “Verily I say unto you, Moses gave you not bread from heaven, but my father” (number 32) and then adds: “My father gives you the true bread from heaven because the bread of God is coming down from heaven and gives life to the world “(33) Thus, Jesus to them shows that God did not give them bread that comes down from heaven only (in the past), but it still gives them and pointed to himself that he is” the bread that comes down from heaven “(number 33) . intentionally Christ obviously had to move them spiritual desire Taking their asking this bread that comes down from heaven, but it was their thinking is linked to request the physical bread as it appears that in their conversation later.Taking Jesus answer them with full force, “I am the bread of life come to me do not go hungry and he who believes me not thirst “(number 35). This verse explains the essence of the message of Jesus. It is responding to the needs of the human heart:” Fajbz life refers to the basic role played by Jesus in order to satisfy the human spirit. Fajbz Jesus is the first and main source of spiritual nourishment. Because the bread is the staple food in the world so he can satisfy everyone. Jesus is the Savior of the world. And the Giver of life to the world (number 33). He says, “Maurice” definition that “the” (bread) suggests that Jesus alone is the only bread of life. And decides “Milne” the bread of life that also points to the saturated nature of Jesus “and this shows in saying” I will not go hungry and will not be thirsty. All other types of bread such as aphids leave feeling hungry at the end. Compared Christ who tested it does not need anything else to saturation. In short, Jesus said, “I am the bread of life” reveals the nature of the divine and that is the only one who can satisfy the spiritual need of his listeners. John tells us at the beginning of his Gospel that the Incarnate Word, “In him was life and the life was the light of men and the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it” ( John 1: 4-5). Again, John uses the analogy of light and magnifies what he said previously. John decides that Christ said that Light of the World and other similar statements on various occasions (8:12, 9: 5.12: 35 – 39). Despite the fact that John did not tell us exactly when Jesus said this (8:12) but he knows us the place in which he said. This happened at the Feast of Tabernacles in the courtyard of the temple. (7:14). During the Feast of Tabernacles important religious events happen and they have a symbolic gesture. The first is to pour water on the west side of the altar by the priests, the Levites, they sang what came in Psalm 113. The second event is the lighting of many candles inside the massive structure. Bashir and John says that Jesus took this opportunity to use these symbols to illustrate his teachings to them (7: 37 to 38.8: 12). Likened to light in the Old Testament was reported. Vmagd God who was filling the place in the cloud was driving people to the Promised Land (Exodus 13: 21 – 22) and was to protect them from their enemies (Exodus 14:19 – 25) and trained Israelis to sing “The Lord is light and my salvation” (Psalm 27: 1) The His law and the word of God is the light that illuminates the way for those who cling to his commandments (Psalm 119: 105.6: 23).God’s light and lit up in a vision (Zechariah 1: 4.13, 26, 28) and salvation (Hebrews 3: 3-4) “and the light is Jehovah factor in their midst” (Psalm 44: 3) and tells Isaiah that the servant of the Lord has made ​​Nora Nations to be the salvation the ends of the earth (Isaiah 49: 6) and will be the age to come a time when the Lord Himself Nora be eternal for his people (Isaiah 60: 19-22 and Revelation 21: 23-24) and the (Zechariah 14: 5-7) has a special promise to the light in today’s importance The latter is followed by the promise of living water that comes out of Jerusalem, and perhaps this is the text that reads in this holiday. That is why they are holding in their mind all these verses and rituals Jesus was a resounding statement strongly. Especially when he said that the light to the whole world and not only to the Jews. The reference to the light not only physically and morally also concludes “Morris” When Jesus said, “If one walks in the night, he stumbles because the light is not in him” (11: 9-10) and this reference to the light non-existent it shows that we have moved from the physical light to the truth spiritual and comment “Maurice” by saying, “Jesus told his listeners that those who reject it and they take faithful to their lives are in great danger. In short, we say that the main thought in saying” I am the light of the world “that Jesus is the only light that should welcome it and we believe also otherwise will perish. This Moved story of Saint Takla Church site. “I am the door” I came to say the center of a verbal battle occurred between the Pharisees. and see Jesus in Chapter IX, which heals the blind man who defended Jesus and believed in him (9:34 – 38). After this miracle and ill-treatment received by him blind man of the Pharisees Jesus compared himself to religious leaders at the time and described them as “thieves and robbers” This contradiction between Christ and the religious leaders took a picture similes flagrant in (10: 1) “sheepfold” (2) “shepherd” (3) “doorman” “door” Despite the vitality and clarity of these similes Pharisees did not understand the intent of which Jesus (number 6). In order to explain Jesus explained to them his message intended meanings. For example, he says, “I am the door” (which interference from the sheep to the barn) (7) and before that talked about himself, “Kalrai” (number 2) and Odha better (number 10). What did Jesus mean by saying “I am the door? ” In order to answer this question it is best to remember that the sheep pen usually has one door and herdsmen in the Near East often sleep at the door and doing the same job this door and this dish Christ analogy Ali Shepherd. That is an astronomical answer our question we see Christ says that he himself is not a last through which can sheep that entering and exiting and find Mari (9: 9-10) and also concludes “Maurice,” saying, “Jesus said, I am the door” and not a “door” that is, He alone is the way of life. This is another confirmation of what Jesus says, “The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy and I have come that you might have life, and that you better. Here, Jesus insists that there just to enjoy eternal life only to know God and spring and one for food and spiritual basis of one of the spiritual security and one source through the one which Jesus Only “. Then Jesus said, “The income me a relieved and in and out and find pasture” (number 9) and although he did not explain what is meant by the word “saved” can mean “get a life eternal” because we find two explanations “for salvation” and get “eternal life” linked in (John 3 K 16-17) For this we must understand the linkage between the two. In conclusion, he says “Maurice” Again, we are faced with the idea of mass salvation in the sense that it can only enter from the door. If there is one section for each of the human race so Once again remember something very important about Jesus, like all his statements other “I is” the saying “I am the door” leads us to think of his divinity. “I am the good shepherd” in (John 10: 1) Jesus talks about the shepherd and adds the adjective “good”. Again, Jesus compares himself to religious leaders who say them, “they are not good or sponsor employee care” (10:12 – 13), and here refers to the Pharisees who do not care about the sheep. It is a clear signal to the bad treatment of the blind man whose lips of Christ. When Jesus used the word “Good Shepherd” was talking about the nature of good and moral integrity and beauty. When you use the word “shepherd” he was talking about his status. It is the shepherd of the sheep, which protects and lead and guide and feed his sheep. And Jesus also refers to his mission. On three occasions Jesus spoke about it “puts himself” for the sheep (10 time: 15 – 17-18). Valrai which protects the sheep to protect them to death. Shepherd Ali now reveals that the sacrifice “Lamb of God” (John 1: 29.35), who puts his life voluntarily for the sheep. “The death of Christ was not an accident but a certain tragedy by the sky while the redemption of the trust bestowed in it.” It is not only for the “lost sheep of Israel” puts himself but for other sheep barn (10:16) Nations. “To be one flock and one shepherd” (10:16). How can the death of one person many redeem what he did this a personal divine work. That is why we say that the words of “I am the” declares the divinity of Jesus Christ. “I am the resurrection and the life,” Jesus said this to Martha, who died of her brother, Lazarus, a few days ago and when Jesus said to her that Lazarus will be the thought that he is talking about the Day of Resurrection (11: 23-24 ) At this point declares this to say resounding “I am the resurrection and the life. believeth in me though Vsyahya died” (11:25 – 26) and this to say Jesus declares that not only can be evaluated from the dead and gives life, but it is the same resurrection and the life. John also said (1: 4) “In him was life,” and says, “Maurice,” it is the resurrection means that death (which seems to us that the end of everything) is no longer an obstacle, and it is life means that the recipe of life that gives us here and now will not stop (10:15). And the words of Jesus that is supported by raising Lazarus from the dead (John 10:44). In the comment on the record of John the incident Lazarus says, “Maurice”: “He writes about the great and extraordinary person and has the power of overcoming death. It proves the human race we are all in eventually we will face death and we can not do something about it. we might be able to postpone death for a period, but when it happens we can not stop him. But John writes about the Lord who can defeat death. that say “I am the resurrection and the life” can not be uttered by an ordinary person but So can someone cyan only. “I am the way and the truth and the life” in the evening night steel Jesus began filed students sued the Last Supper and announced his departure (John 13: 33 to 36.14: 2-3). When announcing his departure said, “and you know where I am going you know the way “(14: 4) said to him, Thomas,” Lord, we know not where to go, how can we know the way? “Thomas wanted to make clear the position because he was not able to understand what he said Christ. This Christ was given an opportunity to explain to them what he said Therefore, he said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” “No one comes to the Father but by me” (14: 6) In spite of the ambiguity of these statements, they include three important things about Christ is the way – is right – it is life. says I. ” I am the Way “and other time we see some sort of customization Valomr it is only limited and we can not lose sight of that. Because Jesus refers to going to the Father’s house (2) “and not one comes to the Father but by me” (number 6) we can see here that he does not talk about a moral way, but for the way of salvation that leads to the Father. He says with confidence that it is not one of the many ways that lead to God but “the only way”. This strong and clearly say strikes at the core of what he believes Synod of the multiplicity of ways of access to God. It thus destroy all the power of human ideas of non-real approach to God and confirms the lead at this way. The death of Deputies is closely linked to being the way. Through this death humans sinners reconciled with God. This article Moved of Saint Takla Church site. Second: “I am the truth”. This illustrates the full sincerity and total dependence upon. Everything he said and everything he did believe in him and trust him because he does not say the truth, but because “it is right” is the word of God made ​​flesh (1: 1.14). He said, “Carson,” “Jesus is the truth, because the body of the same vision of God” (1:18) and he alone who said and did everything he gave him the Father. “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, glory …” (John 1:14). “I am the Life” and the comment “Maurice” by saying: “These words remind us of the words of Christ,” I am the resurrection and the life “We note here that Jesus linked closely linked to the life. He has a life of a particular kind of self and existence is the existence of God (5:16). It is life and even the source of life to others. (3:16). Jesus is the only way to God has every right that he did not say said anyone else. “I am the true vine,” while in the attic Jesus announced to the students twice as “the vine.” In the first time links the same Father says, “I am the true vine, and my Father is” (15: 1) The second time, linking himself believers and says, “I the vine, you are the branches, “and then continue talking about mutual housing between sincere and loyal. (15: 5). Explain Many commentators link between Jesus say that the vine and the use of the vine in the Old Testament. Theologian “Bruce Milne,” he says, “The image of the vineyard serve the message of Christ in two significant ways. First is the supreme symbol of Israel. Vine golden huge spread and cover gallery structure and the currency in which coined during the revolution against the Romans (67-70 s. M) bearing vine code. And the Old Covenant and pertinent Bakarmh hints. etc..

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Then the Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni replies to the Christians with the Truth, and the Truth that I say, and I do not say about Allah except the Truth: O community of the Christians and Muslims and the people altogether, I am the True Awaited Imam Mahdi from your Lord Allah sent me a savior to you from from the sedition of the liar messiah the outcast satan who mislead the Christians in an agreement with the human satans the forgers against Allah and His messenger Jesus son of Mary a servant of Allah and His messenger, so keep your duty to Allah and worship my Lord and your Lord, and Lord of Mohammad messenger of Allah, and Lord of the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, and Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is in between them, and Lord of the great throne Allah no God but He the One, the Only One, has neither taken a female companion nor a son, and all of what in the kingdom are servants of Allah, so follow me I guide you to the path of the All Mighty and the Praised.

Allah is Great majorly in His own Self because His own Self is Greater than everything from His servants, and greater than the kingdom of His earth and His heavens, and greater than His great throne that surrounds with His kingdom altogether, and nothing is like Him of His creation, His grasp is over all vision but no vision can grasp Him, nothing of His creation can bear seeing Him, even if it was a great mountain and Allah’s physical-Self appeared to it He would have made it crumbled so that it is slippery sand (without plant), so how His weak servant the human being that is created from soil bears seeing Him? So keep your duty to Allah and know that Allah is Severe in punishment.

And Allah the Most High said: {Certainly they disbelieve who say: Allah, He is the Messiah, son of Mary. And the Messiah said: O Children of Israel, serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord. Surely whoever associates (others) with Allah, Allah has forbidden to him the Garden and his abode is the Fire. And for the wrongdoers there will be no helpers.(72) Certainly they disbelieve who say: Allah is the third of the three.Certainly they disbelieve who say: Allah is the third of the three. And there is no God but One God. And if they desist not from what they say, a painful chastisement will surely befall such of them as disbelieve.(73) Will they not then turn to Allah and ask His forgiveness? And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.(74) The Messiah, son of Mary, was only a messenger; messengers before him had indeed passed away. And his mother was a truthful woman. They both used to eat food. See how We make the messages clear to them! then behold, how they are turned away!(75) Say: Do you worship besides Allah that which controls for you neither harm nor good? And Allah — He is the Hearing, the Knowing.(76) Say: O People of the Book, exaggerate not in the matter of your religion unjustly, and follow not the low desires of people who went astray before and led many astray, and went astray from the right path.(77) Those who disbelieved from among the Children of Israel were cursed by the tongue of David and Jesus, son of Mary. This was because they disobeyed and exceeded the limits.(78) They forbade not one another the hateful things they did. Evil indeed was what they did.(79) You see many of them befriending those who disbelieve. Certainly evil is that which their souls send before for them, so that Allah is displeased with them, and in chastisement will they abide.(80) And if they believed in Allah and the Prophet and that which is revealed to him, they would not take them for friends, but most of them are transgressors.(81) You will certainly find the most violent of people in enmity against the believers to be the Jews and the idolaters; and you will find the nearest in friendship to the believers to be those who say, We are Christians. That is because there are priests and monks among them and because they are not proud.(82) And when they hear that which has been revealed to the messenger you see their eyes overflow with tears because of the truth they recognize. They say: Our Lord, we believe, so write us down with the witnesses.(83) And what (reason) have we that we should not believe in Allah and in the Truth that has come to us, while we earnestly desire that our Lord should cause us to enter with the righteous people?(84) So Allah rewarded them for what they said, with Gardens wherein rivers flow to abide in them. And that is the reward of the doers of good.(85) And those who disbelieve and reject Our messages, such are the companions of the flaming fire.(86)}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Ma’eda] 5:72-86

O community of the Christians, the human satans the forgers of lies against Allah; they had lead you astray and mislead themselves from the straight path while they know that they are upon manifest falsehood, and they say lies against Allah while they know that Allah did not reveal to them with that, in fact they know that who reveals to them is the outcast satan, they just strayed and lead astray many of the nations, and they want to make the Christians and Muslims altogether with them in hell fire, so we be equally with them in hell fire. These are Allah’s wrath upon them and cursed them and prepared for them a great chastisement because they despaired from Allah’s mercy as the disbelievers despair of those in the graves, for that they took the outcast satan Al-Taghoot lucifer as a loyal-friend besides Allah while they know that he is the outcast satan an enemy to Allah and an enemy to the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, and an enemy to Allah’s messenger Mohammad, Moses and Aaron, and all the prophets and messenger; him and his loyal-friends of satans from among jinn and mankind; some of them inspiring others with fancy words in order to deceive (them).

O community of the Christians do not follow them and Allah had warned you O community of Christians from following satans among the humans from the Jews and they would never take you as loyal-friends unless if they knew for certain that you associated with Allah Lord of the worlds, and only then they take him as a loyal-friend who disbelieved in Allah and associated with Him. And Allah the Most High said addressing the people of the Book from the Christians: { Say: O People of the Book, exaggerate not in the matter of your religion unjustly, and follow not the low desires of people who went astray before and led many astray, and went astray from the right path.(77) Those who disbelieved from among the Children of Israel were cursed by the tongue of David and Jesus, son of Mary. This was because they disobeyed and exceeded the limits.(78) They forbade not one another the hateful things they did. Evil indeed was what they did.(79) You see many of them befriending those who disbelieve. Certainly evil is that which their souls send before for them, so that Allah is displeased with them, and in chastisement will they abide.(80) And if they believed in Allah and the Prophet and that which is revealed to him, they would not take them for friends, but most of them are transgressors.(81) }Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Ma’eda] 5:77:81

The best of humans are the ones who believed and were certain with the Awaited Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni in the era of dialogue before appearing then they followed him and supported and strengthened (him) and informed the humans with the True explanatory-statement for the Reminder, and the most evil Humans are the one who were certain with the Awaited Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni in the era of dialogue before appearing then they seek to extinguish Allah’s light in every trick and means and they hinder from it an utmost hindering, and their faces grieved when they saw him appeared.

As for the reason of their certainty that the Awaited Mahdi is truly the Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni because he uncovered for the people their plotting and their preparation for the sedition of the deceptive messiah (antichrist), and he (the Mahdi) uncovered for them Allah’s garden in the earth which they were hiding it from the people while they know that in it is the liar messiah; angel haroot and his host maroot in Allah’s kingdom in the land of the creatures and it is the land of the two easts that Allah placed it for Al-Anam, and only Al-Anam is the plentiful-comfortable living in the gardens of grapes, palms having sheathéd clusters, and the grain with (its) husk and plants with fragrance, that is Allah’s garden from beneath the soil. In confirming with the word of Allah the Most High: {To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth and whatever is between them and whatever is beneath the soil.}Truthful Allah the Great [T.H.] 20:6
And peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds..
The Awaited Mahdi Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni