..The Awaited Mahdi calls the Yemeni people to search for the fact of coffin of tranquility

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  • June 15, 2007
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..The Awaited Mahdi calls the Yemeni people to search for the fact of coffin of tranquility
In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, prayer of forgiveness and peace be upon the seal of the prophets and messengers and his family, and all Muslims in every time and place until the day of judgement, after this..
O community of Muslims, what is wrong with you that you are not certain in the signs of your Lord? How I tell you about the place of the coffin of tranquility in it signs for the worlds, lo and behold — O community of the Yemeni people — you did not search for the Truth upon the actual reality so you look (to find out) did I say the Truth or I was of the liars? Didn’t we tell you that the coffin of tranquility exists in a cave in a village currently named Al-Aqmar, and it is located in Dhammar province to the east from Dhammar city to the side of Hurour village, and the village of Hurour is Al-Mqadsha village from the sheikhs of A’ns, and Al-Aqmar village belongs to sheikhs of al-Dhaman Al-Mqadsha? So get my speech to them, and I make bear the responsibility between the hands of Allah to issue fatwa to the people with Truth; have they Truly found the coffin of tranquility in one of the caves of Al-Aqmar and they found in it signs for the worlds, and a man possesses a grand body; his sleeping place by the top of the coffin
Verily we will clarify to them once again the site of the cave in the village of Al-Aqmar that it is in Al-Aqmar village, and the village Al-Aqmar is of some houses are located in the width of series of Mount Espiell, so some of them in the width of the mountain and the village stretches to Al-Tabba which is at the bottom of the mountain, and the cave exists along by the side the houses in Al-Tabba (part of the mountain) and not the one in the mountain, and there is in the cave an old structure, let them demolish the building and to enter into the signs and the will find a wondrous signs for them of themselves.
I hope from the honorable brother Hani Mohammad Al-Hattar to go with our speech to sheikhs of A’ns and to calls Al-Mqadsha so they search in the reality of what we say; is Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni truthful and utters with the Truth? Verily, nothing delays this matter except your negligence towards it, and if you refuse verily Allah will make me appear over you in one night with a severe chastisement on the worlds, surely I am a plain warner to you, and Allah did not make me a prophet nor a messenger; in fact an Imam does justice possesses decisive word and it is not a jock, and Allah did not make me innovator in fact a follower to Allah’s Book and sunna of His messenger-prayer of Allah’s forgiveness and peace be upon him and his family. So what is wrong with you that you do not do what I command you with it O community of the Yemeni people government and public! Isn’t there among you a rightly guided man?
And the Awaited Al-Yemeni is awaiting the True response from the Yemeni people perhaps the people would be certain with the signs of their Lord and they know that the promise of Allah is ever True and that the Hour is coming — there is no doubt in it. Thus (Allah) saved them from the movement of falsehood whom they seize them and kill them (murdering) one an all — led by the astray Abd Al-Malik Badr Al-Deen Al-Houthi the assassin who sheds blood of the Yemeni Muslim whom are not Americans nor Jews of Israel of whom they transgress against the Muslims.
Is this the relief in your sight O you the majestic scholar Abd Al-Malik Badr Al-Deen Al-Houthi? So do you want to save the Yemeni people and the Muslims or you want to seize them then you kill them (murdering) one an all? Verily, evil the relief is your relief, and evil banner is the banner of the spilling to the blood of the Muslims.
Didn’t the facilitator Yemeni propose to you all kinds of reforms surely you refused? And the reconciliation is good so you refused then Allah granted him victory against you then he said: “Leave, surely you are free then got you out of jails and he aided you with money and compensated you while you are the aggressors, then you did evil to him once again, is the reward of goodness be not but goodness — O honorable sheikh Abd Al-Malik Badr Al-Deen Al-Houthi??
You have to know that the banner of Al-Yemeni facilitator (Ali Abdullah Saleh) it is my banner and surely he will hand it to me, and there is no matching-power for you (to resist) in my war if you do not repent before the appearing and indeed Allah will make victorious the banner of the Truth and the guidance which guides to a straight path.
And I defeat you — O you Al-Khurasani — the utmost defeat if the Yemeni facilitator believed me then I appear to receive the banner, indeed I will fight you before fighting any of the aggressors against the countries of the Muslims, unless that you repent surely my Lord is Forgiving, Merciful. Surely you are of those whose effort goes astray in this world’s life, and they think that they are making good works. So keep your duty to Allah, certainly I am more knowledgeable than you in Allah’s Book so have dialogue with me in order for the worlds can see who would bridle the other an utmost bridling with the authority of the explanatory-statement from the Quran. I call you to my website for the dialogue the site of the good news which was made in my name by servants of Allah’s best foremost servants, and peace be upon whoever followed the guidance of the worlds.
.Your brother, the brother of the Muslims; the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni and Allah’s peace, mercy and His blessings be upon you